Friday, May 30, 2014

Riya's Greek God Blog Post



      Do you know any ancient Gods of Greece? Well, Zeus is an ancient Greece God that played an important role in ancient Greece.  Zeus's father wanted to eat him, but Rhea -his mom/aunt-hid Zeus away so that he wouldn't get swallowed whole by his father like the rest of his siblings. Also, Zeus was planning to overthrow his father and get his siblings out of his father's stomach. Zeus married his sister Hera and had children. Another idea is that because Zeus had so many wives, he had tons of children. A 3rd fact is that Zeus was the God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian Gods. 3 characteristics about Zeus is that he is determined, brave, and took advantage of women. He is determined because he wanted to save his siblings and because of his determination he was able to do that. He was brave because he fought against his own father. He took advantage of women because he pretend to like a women and then he would swallow them so that the women inside of Zeus's stomach will become a part of him. For example if he met someone who was wise he would get to know them, then swallow them whole so that he would become wise also. Lastly,this God was powerful and respected because he punished anyone who broke or lied an oath and because he was a strong God of Greece.
            I chose Zeus because I think he is more powerful than any other God. I think this because he could basically do whatever he wants. I would fear Zeus because he has the ability to have lightning and use it to hurt someone. Also, because he could swallow you whole for your whole entire life. Lastly, there are strengths and weaknesses that Zeus had. One strength is that most people respected him. One weakness is that he would punish people really bad and he would swallow people whole.
         What do you think of Zeus? Do you fear him or do you respect him? What is one weakness or strength that he has other than what I have? I challenge you to choose a Greek God and answer the questions above. The God could be a man or a woman.

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